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Cineuropa - a pan-european, four language monster web portal on all things cinema - has an article on Staying Alive! Take a look - websites have somewhat more printing space, so this one is a bit longer than the mention in Screen International.

PS: Staying Alive is also featured in the online outlet of Screen International - screendaily.com - and it too is a bit longer than their previous coverage. Here is a link.

Our new funeral crashing comedy Staying Alive gets get a notice in the latest Cannes release of Screen International - click here to take a look (it's on page 4).

We´re aiming to shoot it next year with director Fridrik Thor Fridrikson - the latest in his acclaimed string of funeral films! Middle-aged lesbians who've never gotten the hang of life also feature heavily. Our collaboration with screenwriter Bardi Gudmundsson has been close and wonderful, and we're quite exited about this one.

New website!

16. May 2012

Lovely new website up just in time for Cannes 2012! We're still ironing out the kinks on the site and properly populating it with content, so just avert your eyes if you're faced with a broken link or personal photographs we've saved in the wrong location...