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Staying Alive

In 1972 Magdalena (18), a shy and artistic girl, is expelled from boarding school after being caught making out with her rich and popular girlfriend Greta (18).

25 years later (1997), Magdalena is still living with the aunt who raised her, leading a very secluded and dull life, and still stuck deep in the closet. Her job at a sewing factory is her sole source of pride and joy – she's been Employee of the Month for 25 years straight – but now the factory has hit on hard times and is shut down.

To kill time during her unemployment – and stave off any soul-searching – Magdalena starts frequenting the funerals of total strangers. Her mentors in this new undertaking are mean-spirited blabbermouths and veteran funeral crashers, twin sisters Bibi and Blaka.

At one of the funerals they run into Greta, who has just recently come out to her children following the death of her husband. She is good looking, well off and still popular, now also amongst lesbians – Greta is trying to make up for a lifetime of sexual compromise, fast.

However, Greta has carried a torch for Magdalena since they were teenagers, and this flame is rekindled upon seeing her again. Greta tries hard to woo Magdalena, who is dumbstruck and frightened by her advances, and refuses to acknowledge her own feelings for Greta. She plunges headlong into her new, morbid hobby, dodging Greta untill she gives up on her.

But as a tragedy in a Paris road tunnel shocks the world, Magdalena finally decides she must come to terms with her own feelings, and seize her second chance. Magdalena prepares to win back the girl of her dreams, as the world prepares for the biggest funeral of all time.

Academy Award nominated director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is no stranger to filming funerals - and although his lesbian experience is somewhat more limited, he is eager to learn.

Original title: Magdalena (working title)
Genre: Comedy Drama
Language: Icelandic
Director: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson
Scriptwriter: Bardi Gudmundsson
Main cast: TBC

Producer(s): Hrönn Kristinsdóttir, Anna María Karlsdóttir
Production company: Ljósband ehf.
National sales & distribution: Sena hf
International sales & distribution: Ljósband ehf.
Country: Iceland
Sound: Dolby
Length: 90 minutes
Screening format: DCP
Production format: Digital
Status: In Pre-Production

Scheduled to shoot Summer 2013
Scheduled delivery February 2014