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Our Own Oslo

Having met during a drunken night in Oslo – the explanation for the film’s title – this is the story of a couple, different as night and day, who are nevertheless strongly attracted to each other. She is impulsive and careless. He is orderly and unshakably calm. This set-up may sound awfully cliched, but fear not, for the director hits every note exactly right throughout, and the acting, from the whole cast, is unfailingly spot-on. All this turns the film into a delightful comedy of manners, with a keen eye for human behaviour and the absurd in the everyday. Everything comes to a head during a weekend at the man’s country house, where it inexorably becomes clear – no matter how hard they fight to suppress the painful realisation – how incompatible they really are.

The film did very well at the box office in Iceland, becoming the highest grossing Icelandic film of 2011.

Original title: Okkar eigin Osló
English title: Our Own Oslo
Genre: Relationship Comedy Drama
Language: Icelandic

Director: Reynir Lyngdal
Scriptwriter: Thorsteinn Gudmundsson
Main cast: Thorsteinn Gudmundsson, Brynhildur Gudjonsdóttir, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason, Thorhallur Sigurdsson, Lilja Gudrún Thorvaldsdóttir, Maria Heba Þorkelsdóttir, Valgeir H. Skagfjörd
Editor: Stefania Thors
Cinematographer: Vidir Sigurdsson
Sound design: Kjartan Kjartansson
Music: Helgi Svavar Helgason
Producer(s): Hrönn Kristinsdóttir, Anna María Karlsdóttir
Co-producer(s): Egil Ödegard, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor
Production company: Ljósband ehf.
Co-production company: Filmhuset AS, FAME
National sales & distribution: Sena hf
International sales & distribution: Ljósband ehf.

Country: Iceland
Sound: Dolby
Length: 97 minutes
Screening format: DCP
Production format: RED ONE
Film gauge/aspect ratio: 1.1:85
National premiere date and year: March 4. 2011

Leads Thorsteinn Gudmundsson and Brynhildur Gudjonsdottir as HARALD and VILBORG

Maria Heba Thorkelsdottir in her award winning role as EMBLA

The leads rest on set with director Reynir Lyngdal after a long day of shooting